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Sarah Van Der Linden

B.AppSci (HumanBio), MOst, Registered Osteopath (OSNZ), MHKOA, Associate Osteopath

About Sarah


Sarah completed her studies at Unitec Institute of Technology where she gained a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and a Masters in Osteopathy. Her thesis focused on the potential contributions of a connective tissue called fascia, in chronic neck pain.


Since graduating Sarah has worked in private osteopathic clinics in Auckland, New Zealand. Sarah enjoys being challenged by the diverse and broad range of conditions that people seek osteopathic help for.


Sarah is able to tailor treatment to the needs of each client for a range of complaints from headaches, spinal pain, sports injuries and visceral complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome.


Service Hours

Mon - Weds  9am-6pm

Fri   9am-6pm 


Sat   9am-1.30pm

Irritable bowel syndrome

Abdominal pain



Neck pain/ headaches

Back pain

Foot and ankle pain

Postural correction


Pelvic pain


Sport injuries

Tennis injuries

Women’s Health


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