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NFM- Natural


Natural Fertility Management

What is NFM?

Natural Fertility Management offers you a program of preconception health care for conscious conception or to overcome fertility problems, using holistic, natural medicine, natural medicine, nutrition, detoxification, stress control and timing techniques. 

This program can profoundly improve your chances of a healthy, successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

In your Natural Fertility Management program for conception you will learn to recognize the unmistakable signs of fertility that recur with each menstrual cycle, and, through charting them, become aware of patterns of change in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and other symptoms. By combining this with your personal bio-rhythmic lunar cycle, you can learn how to optimize the timing of conception. The same charts will enable a more thorough diagnosis of reproductive health and hormonal and nutritional balance, ensuring your therapy program is as effective as possible. Where there is a fertility problem, a holistic approach is used to explore its origin, and natural therapies are used to assist healing and normal reproductive functioning (for both male and female). 

Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements will be prescribed for each individual situation, with appropriate dietary, stress control and detoxification measures, and these will be revised on a regular basis until conception occurs. We can then advise on nutrition and health care during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. We will also test for a comprehensive range of infections that can compromise reproductive health.

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