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Mr. Mathias Simao

B.Osteopathy, Registered Osteopath (FR)

Associate Osteopath

Mathias portrait.jpg

About Mathias

manual therapy- back pain

Mathias began his health studies with naturopathy before earning a degree in osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy in London. He has practiced in Portugal, France, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, focusing exclusively on osteopathic treatment to allow the body to heal naturally with minimal interference.


Mathias's approach is rooted in musculoskeletal techniques such as soft tissue work, mobilization, joint manipulation, inhibition, and functional methods. He may incorporate cranial and visceral techniques as needed. He also emphasizes the importance of targeted exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent future issues.


Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, Mathias is committed to providing comprehensive and effective osteopathic care to his patients.


Service Hours

Mon - Tues  9am-6pm

Thurs  10am-7pm 
Sat   9am-1.30pm

Irritable bowel syndrome

Abdominal pain



Neck pain/ headaches

Back pain

Foot and ankle pain

Postural correction



Sport injuries

Tennis injuries

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