Stephen Watts

M.Ost,D.O.(UK) Registered Osteopath GOsC, MHKOA, Associate Osteopath

About Stephen


Stephen is a registered British Osteopath from England. After completing his integrated Masters Degree at the European School of Osteopathy, Stephen worked in private practice in the UK, followed by clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai and now Hong Kong.


Stephen believes in customizing individual treatment plans to suit the patients needs, and to provide a balanced holistic program. His approach comes not only from osteopathy but from his experience in yoga, sports rehabilitation, myofascial release and further studies in advanced manipulation techniques.


Stephens hands on therapy ranges from specific massage and myofascial release, joint manipulation and mobilization to more gentle techniques such as visceral manipulation and cranial depending on the needs of the patient.


Service Hour

Tues / Thurs  9am - 2pm

Wed 1pm - 6pm

Fri 9am - 4pm

Sat 9am - 1:30pm


Lower back pain

Neck pain and headaches

Postural issues

TMJ (jaw) dysfunction

Sports Injuries

Yoga and callisthenics related injuries and issues

Acute injuries and rehabilitation

Muscular imbalance due to specific training

Mobility issues relating to training


Screening and managing imbalances in teenagers

Helping adults manage their scoliosis

Relieving associated issues such as rib restrictions, neck tension and headaches

Chronic restrictions and flexibility issues

Restoring mobility and flexibility to chronically restricted joints and muscles

Improving mobility post surgery

Helping people who think they're too tight for yoga!