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Mr. Sam Noble

M.Ost, with Honours (UK), CAFS DipSM, DIPSES, GOsC, MHKOA, Associate Osteopath

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About Sam

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Sam completed his studies at the University College of Osteopathy, London, where he gained a Masters in Osteopathy with Honours. His thesis was directed towards the treatment of neck pain through the use of a specific type of manual therapy that targets nervous tissue, called Neurodynamic mobilisations.


Since graduating, Sam practiced Osteopathy in London before deciding to move to Hong Kong. He believes in an integrated, evidence-based approach to healthcare, combining manual therapy with a tailored rehabilitation plan. This treatment modality has been developed through not only Osteopathy, but his experience as a Sports rehabilitation and massage therapist, and his further studies into Functional Movement Rehabilitation at the Gray Institute, USA.


Sam uses a variety of manual therapy techniques, such as targeted sports massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Dry cupping. In addition to manual therapy, Sam is able to develop and incorporate rehabilitation programmes into his session, enabling a swift and comprehensive return to performance.


Service Hour

Mon, Weds 8am - 5pm

Thurs, Fri 10am - 7pm

Sat 9am - 1:30pm

Post-surgery progression


Lower back pain

Neck pain and headaches

Acute Injuries


Restoring mobility in restricted joints

Increasing flexibility

Dynaamic movement assessment 

Reducing joint instability


Sports and Athlete rehabilitation programming

Post-surgery progression

Concussion Therapy

Neurological pain and sciatica


Lifestyle and healthcare advice

Targeted movement therapy 

Posture and workplace alterations

Chronic pain management

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