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Ms. Iris Law

B. Sc (Hon), GYROTONIC®️ Trainer


About Iris

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Iris’ life-long passion in health and wellness led her to her practice in GYROTONIC®️. The movement system has not only alleviated pain and corrected posture, she has also witnessed changes in her body with improved strength, flexibility, stamina and overall health. After years of practice, she decided to become a GYROTONIC®️ instructor trained in both London and Hong Kong.


Iris has a background in Investment Banking and is also a Health and Wellness Coach. She well-understands how challenges in work and life could lead to weakened body conditions. Her approach is to provide a positive and encouraging environment for her clients to strengthen muscles, improve posture, increase range of motion and as a result to prevent pain and injury.


Service Hours

Mon - Weds  9am-6pm

Fri   9am-6pm 


Sat   9am-1.30pm


Neck pain/ headaches

Back pain

Foot and ankle pain

Postural correction


Pelvic pain


Back Injuries

Exercising from scratch

Women’s Health


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